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Graph Contrastive Learning for Materials
Teddy Koker, Keegan Quigley, Will Spaeth, Nathan C. Frey, and Lin Li.
NeurIPS AI for Accelerated Materials Design Workshop, 2022.

AAVAE: Augmentation-Augmented Variational Autoencoders.
William Falcon, Ananya Harsh Jha, Teddy Koker, and Kyunghyun Cho.
arXiv / Code

TorchMetrics: Measuring Reproducibility in PyTorch
N. Detlefsen, J. Borovec, J. Schock, A. Jha, T. Koker, L. Liello, D. Stancl, C. Quan, M. Grechkin, W. Falcon.
The Journal of Open Source Software, 2022.
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U-Noise: Learnable Noise Masks for Interpretable Image Segmentation.
T. Koker, F. Mireshghallah, T. Titcombe, and G. Kaissis.
International Conference on Image Processing, 2021.
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On Identification and Retrieval of Near-Duplicate Biological Images: A New Dataset and Protocol.
T. Koker*, S.S. Chintapalli*, S. Wang, B.A. Talbot, D. Wainstock, M. Cicconet, M.C. Walsh.
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2020.
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Cryptocurrency Trading Using Machine Learning.
Teddy Koker and Dimitrios Koutmos.
Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 2020.